Finding the perfect bag

“Especially as a working mom traveling with kids, my day bag has to do double duty — space for my laptop, charger and gear, as well as snacks and entertainment for the kids,” Hartzell said. “Give me a bag I can also take to the beach, and we’ve found a winner.”
“To find that winner, Hartzell said, she looks for a bag that has modern, clean lines, durability and lots of inside pockets.” [...]

[...] “Her go-to bag is a Merin bag because, she said, it’s durable and fashionable. The bottom is waterproof, and there are many inside pockets for all of her tech gear and her swimsuits.”
— Danielle Braff for Chicago Tribune

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Idea In Hand

Libby Green and Merin Designs at Bellevue Club Reflections

“Kea’s company Merin Designs was based out of need. She desperately wanted a particular product, and so she created it. “I think the only reason it got this far was because I wanted this product so bad. In order to make something work, you have to believe in it and want it yourself that you keep going down that path. Otherwise, there are so many roadblocks,” she said.”
— BC Reflections

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Packing Tips from Hip Travel Mama

Anne Taylor Hartzell, the Hip Travel Mama, shares a few quick ideas for getaways close to home at Seattle Refined. Plus tips for packing the family for a trip abroad with her Merin in the USA bag!

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What We're Buying: A Carryall That Fits Everything

Strong is the new Skinny by fitness star Jennifer Cohen. You can read the full article here.



Smart Packing for a Family Trip with Hip Travel Mama

Anne Taylor Hartzell from Hip Travel Mama shares how she packs smart for her family trips at Q13 FOX News using her Merin Designs bag.

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"my bag arrived today and I'm so excited to use it! what great features it has; the different ways to use the cross body, the pockets inside, the bottom, the key FOB! what an awesome bag"                                                                                             -Merin Designs customer
''The bag will be great for my travels with Dad. I bring so much junk I look like a street bag lady. Now I will look tres chic with my new bag. The compartments will keep my cell phone handy, my snacks separate and my wallet handy with plenty of room for the I-pad and books.  So I won't be digging and dropping things. Thank you , thank you.''                                        - Jane Urner
''I love your bags so much! I received one at the Portland Wild + Free conference and it has been on every beach trip with me since! It's so great!"                 -Greta Eskridge (@maandpamodern)
"My merin designs bag makes the best "sleepover" bag when staying the night with family."                                                                                          -Richelle Cote -(@xoxo.richellecote)
(Big Merins) "It's huge, the bottom and side pockets are water proof and it holds everything! Pretty much the best beach/pool bag I've ever owned!"          -Jane Johnson (@janereaction)
"We have a big Merin Designs bag that holds everything we need; a blanket, towels, diper/wipes, baby powder and a small fabric cooler for fruit, water and energy bars. We like to go to the beach in the evenings so we don't need an umbrella or sunscreen.                                                                                                              -Ainsley Arment (@ainsl3y)   
A gal brought a Merin to a baby shower that I hosted this weekend, and I stopped her in her tracks: I had to know about the bag and where I could get one. While I'm sad that I can't completely copy her with a Lovejoy, I have a Bend on the way. I think this bag is going to be perfect for an upcoming family trip to New Zealand - perfect for the plane, time in the city, plenty of parks, and a retreat to the beach. And I'm betting it'll be a bag that will go many places near and far with our family. Thanks for making such a beautiful and functional product!                                                                                                                                 -Amanda