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“The Merin... Because, who likes soggy goldfish crackers?”

Kea Beaudry Rensch knows that despite any journey, all roads lead back to family. 

So it’s no surprise that as founder of Merin Designs, Kea’s family is her compass, as she draws inspiration from the beauty, color and meaning of places and experiences that her life presents, from being born in Germany, where her father was stationed in the military, to growing up in the Pacific Northwest, to now being a mother of three.

After graduation from the University of Washington, Kea spent her early career dabbling in retail, marketing and design jobs. But after the births of son Nick, daughter Merin, and, finally, son Drew, she made motherhood her focus.

 And it was during that time -- with three little ones at home, that period of parenting when you need to carry diapers and sippy cups and snacks and toys, everywhere you go – that the “Merin” tote was conceived.

Living in Seattle, WA, where it’s famously rainy 9 months of the year and gloriously sunny in summertime, Kea became frustrated that every time she carried a bag out, it would become soaked on the bottom. In the winter, it was from wet grass on playgrounds and soccer fields, or puddles in the supermarket parking lot, or on the ski slopes. In summer, it was at the beach, on boat rides or at the pool. 

No matter the time of year, the goldfish crackers she carried for her kids to snack on would always end up soggy.

So Kea began the search for the perfect utility bag, and when she couldn’t find one, she created it: a tote made of soft, pliable canvas, which was roomy enough, had perfect pockets, and had sturdy, webbed handles that wouldn’t slip off the shoulder. A stylish bag in unique color combinations that would keep her crackers -- and everything else -- dry, thanks to its unique waterproof interior pockets (keeping dry from wet and wet from dry) and waterproof fabric bottom.

Merins aren’t just an accessory; they are a lifestyle. They are a workhorse bag, fit for day adventures, back-of-the-car gear containment, travel, workout sessions, and every other journey a busy mom takes.

For Kea, there’s a simple reason why the Merin works for parents everywhere:  “I’m practical. I’m a mom of three. I’ve been in the trenches with kids and other bags didn’t cut it for me. But my Merin…it just works.” 


What makes a Merin unique?

The main thing: It keeps your bottom dry.  That is, every Merin has a waterproof bottom, as well as water proof interior pockets. So you can keep your wet from dry and dry from wet. 

What size do Merins come in?

Merins come in two sizes, Big and Medium.  The Big measures, 21” tall, 24” long, and 8.5” wide and the Medium measures, 20” tall, 14” long, and 8.5” wide

How many color combinations for Merins are there?

Merin comes in nine colors, each in the two sizes.  Each color is named after a favorite place or something meaningful to me.  For example, the Ketchum is inspired by one of our family’s favorite vacation destinations, Sun Valley, Idaho. We’ve been going there since my oldest, Nick, 13, was a baby, and travel by car there twice a year: for skiing in winter and hiking/biking in summer. The Merin Ketchum is deep burnt orange, reminiscent of the rolling, high desert hills of southern central Idaho at sunset. The straps are the color of the sage brush.

What kind of fabric is used?

The bodyof the tote is 22oz 100% cotton canvas, the bottom and interior pockets are made of 22oz TPU backed polyester.  The straps (webbing), is soft, spun 100% polyester that holds it’s color and sits softly on your shoulder.

How can a Merin be used? 

Your Merin can be used for the pool, beach, boat, gym, carry-on, weekend tote, sleepover tote, ski tote, soccer mom tote, yoga tote, farmer’s market, work tote and everything in between!

Can I get my Merin monogrammed? 

You sure can!  Currently Merin has seven monogram options. 

When will my bag be shipped?

We ship USPS Priority Mail. Orders are typically shipped within 36 (weekday) hours of receipt. If you have a monogram order, it typically ships within 14 business days of receipt.