Taco Tuesday

We've started a new practice in our house and I would love some encouragement and reminders to help us stick to it (Yes, email if you have noticed that i haven't posted anything about it each Tuesday.  Say something like, " You must have chosen Tacos tonight?").  Instead of "Taco Tuesday" (because who really loves tacos THAT much (wait, don't answer that!)?), we are doing TED talk Tuesdays.  I am sure there will be arguing, wining and protesting but maybe on the other side is enlightenment, curiosity, and thanks (I won't hold my breath), but I figure if I keep pushing uphill, one step at a time, like an ancient Egyptian slave, at some point, I will get to a vista, and look out and feel that I've achieved one small thing, and that is all I need.  

I bet you want to know what talk we started with?  I let Drew choose this week.  He's in 4th grade and after looking through a few categories, landed on, "5 dangerous things for kids".  What young child doesn't want to hear that their parents should let them play with fire??  My daughter already has a TED talk she wants to share with us next Tuesday, and I can't wait.  Turns out, I am building my own little Pyramids.

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Posted on September 29, 2015 .