Merin in the USA!

Since the beginning, 8 years ago... I had a dream, that my Merins would be made in the USA.

When I started, I tried to make this happen, I had every intention of making this happen. Samples were made, and numbers were run, and at the time, I was afraid. Afraid that no one would buy a Merin, people wouldn't would believe in MY dream.  Since then, I've sold lots and lots of Merins, hundreds, and you have told me that you love Merin.  

So, now, I believe in my dream, and have spent the last year, working on making Merin in the USA, in Portland, Oregon to be specific (where my husband is from and his parents, Jerry and Kathy still call home).  

I have sourced, what I believe are the most quality ingredients for a made in the USA Merin; thicker cotton canvas for the body, beautiful brass hardware, a gorgeous, chunky, big brass zipper to hold all of your stuff together in your Merin, and new shiny, soft webbing, to keep your merin sitting just so on your shoulder.  

I've kept all of the original features, such as, the detachable cross body strap, that can be placed in traditional cross-body position or switched in "sling back" position for your convenience (bike riding, carrying your ski gear to the lodge, your yoga gear to class, or your kids junk to the airport...wait, maybe they should carry their own junk?).  

I think you are absolutely going to love this new Merin and mostly, you are going to love carrying it around, showing it off, telling your friends, that this Merin, yes, THIS Merin, was made where you live, your country, supporting your peeps, with their own hands, in Portland, OR, US of A.  

This Merin, your new Merin is special, unique and stands tall.  Love it, Own it, spread the good word, your Merin, was "Merin the USA" baby!

Posted on November 24, 2015 .