"Busy" is not always "Productive."


"I've written a lot about how busyness is less a sign of significance or success than it is a sign of what researchers call "cognitive overload," which (ironically) holds us back, keeping us from fulfilling our potential in any given realm.

But if we aren't busy are we lazy? Actually, plenty of research shows that people who are able to sustain high performance don't let themselves get busy. Moreover, their not-busyness makes them much more productive than average. 

But how, exactly, do highly productive people keep from feeling busy? They rest a lot, and they take a lot of breaks. 

No matter how much we have going on, it is important for us to refuel the part of our brain that enables us to focus. Although it might feel scary to let yourself take a break, when you do so you'll not only feel better -- less overwhelmed, less harried, less paralyzed by your massive to-do list -- but you'll also become more creative and more productive. "

taken from Dr. Christine Carter (check out her site!)


I think about this all the time...how "busy" I am, and how we answer someone's question, "How have you been and what are you up to?" with, "I've been really busy," or "I've got too much on my plate."

I've noticed that even though I can't stop feeling this way and I feel the need to say this to people because it validates the way we spend our days, it is a silly way to live.  Yes, it's true, we have way too much to do, and, speaking for myself, we let these lists fill our conscience to the point that we aren't actually enjoying the process of anything, or the actual "living" in life.  I catch myself feeling guilty for having a long conversation with a friend I might run into on the street because, I should be getting back to the pile of jobs that are on my list, or feeling like i'm wasting time if i put on make-up on a day where i don't have a meeting or a "reason."  Why?  This is life!  Take it slow, chip away at what needs to be done but enjoy the moments in between.  I find that in actuality, i feel the best when I force  myself to move slowly through a job, instead of rushing.  I can hear my Mom saying, "Haste makes waste!" and it's true.  The more you rush, the more you miss, and usually the more un-productive you are.  Take it slow and steady (wins the race), chip away, "Get Determined and Carry Through," but, try not to feel so darn "busy."  We are all busy whether we let it get to us or not, but it will all get done, whether it's today or tomorrow, so for now, take a break & "smell the roses", you will be more productive in the end.


Posted on April 17, 2015 .